Announcing Our Partnership With Wine Trail Adventures

Wine Trail Adventures, the social network and online store for wine connoisseurs, announced today that it has partnered with Craft Wine Association, a nonprofit organization that helps small-production wines and wineries stand out through the designations of Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery.

Founded in 2016, the Craft Wine Association works with qualified small production wineries to give them a leg up and help them get ahead by certifying them as “Certified Craft Winery” and their wines as “Certified Craft Wine.” The association was created as a way to help winemaker friends struggling to sell, distribute and market their small-batch handcrafted wines and grew from there.

Wine Trail Adventures just launched a new beta program that will see a handful of small wineries who are a part of the Craft Wine Association test-driving the company’s wine marketing tools. Beta testers will be able to automate the distribution of pictures and reviews from Wine Trail members directly to their social accounts, get access to a built-in custom analytics platform, use geographic location advertising, easily capture email information of visitors to the winery and improve their ROI by retargeting and remarketing to users on Facebook and Google.

“We recognized that many winemakers are focused on what they do best – making wine – which doesn’t leave much time for executing on marketing strategies or implementing new technology,” shared Wine Trail Adventure’s President Gary Nealon. “We’re now making it easier for Craft Wine Association’s members to manage their online presence across multiple digital platforms. And we’re giving them the tools we’ve personally used to grow own brand to become the number one resource for wine trail enthusiasts.”

Starting today, Craft Wine Association members who enroll in the beta program will now only have to update their winery information once, rather than multiple times across multiple websites whenever a winery makes a change to hours, contact info and more. Wine Trail Adventures will also help them grow their reach by improving their members’ profiles within the app and website by highlighting Certified Craft Wineries.

“We could not be more pleased to announce this partnership with Wine Trail Adventures,” said Carole Lawson, CEO and Founder of the Craft Wine Association. “Life just got easier for our Certified Craft Winery members. Through this partnership, we are not just sharing data, we are opening up opportunities for consumers who are already seeking unique and special wines to connect with Certified Craft Wineries across the country.”

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