Craft Wine Guide To Facebook Groups

If you are active on Facebook, chances are you have joined a “group”.  Facebook groups are pages within the Facebook platform that connect people of a common interest, there are family groups, class reunion groups and groups who have an enthusiasm about a hobby or product.  Wine is a very popular group topic on Facebook, with both business and consumer groups whose mission is to share information and connect with each other.  In the current Facebook climate, where promoting posts and reaching people with advertising is becoming more and more difficult, groups are a great alternative to a large ad spend.  Below you will find steps to participate in a facebook group effectively for your craft wine brand, and our next guide will be how to create and manage your own Facebook group.

The first step in using groups is to search Facebook for relevant groups and ask to join.  To search for a group, in the top search bar type the name of a keyword, then click “groups” on the bar below the search.

You will see the results populate below, choose one of the options.  When you get to the group page be sure to read the rules that are located below, many groups will not permit you to advertise to members within the group by posting about your business.  If you feel like the group is a good fit, click request to join.

Sometimes the group moderator will have an automated question box pop up like the one below.  If you feel the questions are appropriate and relevant, answer them and wait to be approved.  Sometimes, group moderators will require you to follow them on social media or sign up for an email newsletter in order to join.  If you feel the community you want to join is worthwhile you can absolutely do that but it can feel invasive and you may not want to participate in a group where one person is pushing their agenda.

Once you have requested to join the group, you will probably receive a Facebook notification that your request has been approved and you will start seeing posts from the group in your news feed.  Once you have joined and had a chance to watch what other people have been posting, follow these best practices to maximize your participation and connect with people about your brand.

Introduce yourself, tell the group who you are and why you joined.  If you are a winemaker, saying that in your introduction and letting people know the name of your brand is just fine.  Ask if anyone in the group has had a chance to try your wine, if group members engage with you feel free to answer any questions they may have, even provide a link to your website but only if asked by another member.

Be sure to “like” and “comment” posts by other group members, or even share their posts to your own page if you feel they are relevant, they will see and appreciate it and be more likely to reciprocate in the future.  If your group allows blog posts and you have a blog, definitely post it but do so conservatively, once a week or less.  Too many linked posts can be considered spam.  Be sure to focus on community building, if you are in a group of wine lovers and you are also passionate about wine you will have a lot to talk about.

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