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“We are on a mission to make Certified Craft Wine as recognizable as any organic or sustainable certification and as ubiquitous as craft beer”


As a Certified Craft Winery, you also enjoy all kinds of benefits designed specifically for you, including the licensed use of the Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery seals provided by the Craft Wine Association. For a limited time, membership in the Craft Wine Association is included with your certification.  (Member Benefits).

Certification opportunities are divided into a few categories.  For wineries, we offer Certified Craft Winery for the smallest wineries which also includes certification of all wines without additional cost and a standard winery membership allowing larger wineries to certify only those wines that qualify

Your Certified Craft Winery will be listed in the Certified Craft Winery gallery, with all links leading back to your winery’s webpage or designated location.  Certified Craft Wines will appear in the Certified Craft Wine gallery and on the map.  Restaurant and retail locations that carry your wine will also have the opportunity to identify themselves through the Restaurant/Retail registry with all Certified Craft Wine they associate with their business also appearing on a map and in data feeds available to multiple wine searching apps.

Certified Craft Winery Membership

The Certified Craft Winery designation is designed for commercial wineries where every wine they produce, without exception, qualifies as a Certified Craft Wine. This means that every one of your wines qualifies as a Certified Craft wine.

Are you a Craft Winery?  Ask yourself these three questions:

*Is every wine produced lead by an identifiable winemaker?

*Does the fruit from every wine come from traceable sources?

*Is every wine we produce in full production runs of less than 5,000 cases?

If your answers are “yes”, to all three of these questions then you qualify as a Certified Craft Winery

Certified Craft Winery Membership $695/yr

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What if the production of the entire winery is under 5,000 cases? 

The Small Certified Craft Winery designation is for you.  Same benefits as the Certified Craft Winery enjoys, but with a built-in discount just because you are small.

Small Certified Craft Winery $495/yr

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Winery Memberships and Certifications
All wineries are welcome to become members, even if you are too large to qualify as a Certified Craft Winery. We sincerely appreciate your support of the craft wine community.  As listed below, the cost of membership varies based on the size of your winery.

If you do not qualify as a Certified Craft Wine, no worries. With your membership, you may certify up to 5 wines that qualify at no additional cost. Additional wines that qualify may be certified at a cost of $495 per wine.  Your Certified Craft Wines will appear in the Certified Craft Wine gallery and on the map.  You will also receive a free listing in the Friends and Supporters directory. (Summer 2018)

Winery Membership levels are:
Certified Craft Winery Memberships

Certified Craft Winery Membership (Most popular)– Every wine you produce meets the criteria listed above without exception including the total production of every individual wine is less than 5,000 cases.
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Small Certified Craft Winery– Every wine you produce meets the criteria listed above and your entire winery production is less than 5,000 cases per year $495/yr
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Standard Winery Memberships

Small Winery – Up to 43,000 cases per year. You may not be a Certified Craft Winery, you do have wines eligible for certification. This membership includes the certification of up to five qualifying wines. $995/yr
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Medium Winery – Up to 499,999 cases per year. You passed the Certified Craft Winery mark a long time ago but want to show your support for Craft Wine. This membership includes certifying up to five qualifying wines. $2,995/yr
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Large Winery – Over 500,000 cases per year.  Certification is available at an additional cost for qualifying wines. $4,995/yr
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One of the things we talk about is local wines, local shelves.  It is not so far-fetched.  Just like the Farm-to-fork movement transformed the way we eat, the Craft Wine movement will transform the way we drink.  Think of it as “Farm-to-Cork” in action.

The Craft Wine Association welcomes restaurant and retail locations to show their support for Certified Craft Wine by offering a no-cost membership registry where restaurants and retail locations can create a list of the Certified Craft Wines they carry.  It includes the ability for the restaurant and retail locations to list the wines they carry.  Not only is that data searchable, but that information will be made available to the public through online listing services, searchable maps and a directory searchable by individual wine.

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Additional Memberships – Coming Soon


Not only do small wineries purchase fruit from growers across the country, but many are growers themselves. One of the criteria for Certified Craft Wine is it must be made with fruit from identifiable sources.  That means knowing where it grown, how it was grown and by whom.  This membership is intended to bring the growers and winemakers together in a single community conversation.

Friends and Supporters

We are very grateful for all of the support we have received from allied industries and private individuals who have a passion for supporting Craft Wine.  To be part of that community or to find out more, please contact us via email at members at

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