Meet The CEO/Founder

Carole Lawson serves as CEO, and she launched the Association after seeing her winemaking friends struggle to distribute their wines, which were amazing, handmade, small batch, and full of character.

“I am on a mission to make Certified Craft Wine as recognizable as certified organic or any sustainable certification and as ubiquitous as craft beer,” says Carole.

Carole brings two decades of experience working in innovation in the Silicon Valley region — with a focus on data and social media — to members of the Craft Wine Association. In 2016, her passion for wineries and winemakers led her to complete graduate work in marketing management at Harvard University, with a research focus on the wine industry. She is also a certified sommelier.

The Craft Wine Association is working to identify opportunities for member wineries and their Certified Craft Wines. This includes media initiatives and partnerships in distribution and with lifestyle brands and rating organizations.

“There is a major need in the marketplace to close the gap between consumers and small wineries,” says Carole. “Our mission is to connect craft wine producers with craft lovers through education and outreach. We are working to create partnerships and open opportunities across multiple market sectors with one goal in mind: to develop a sustainable ecosystem which addresses the unique market challenges faced by craft wine producers and those who support them.”