Member Benefits

We are in this together. Our mission is to support and promote all small wineries. Membership as a Certified Craft Winery is where you can take full advantage of everything we have to offer.  Although we are not a marketing company and can’t do your marketing for you, we are here to help educate the public about the value and availability of your craft wine.  We help you do the same.  Here is how:


  • A professionally written profile of your winery for you to use in your own marketing.


  •  Licensed use of the Certified Craft Wine seal on all certified wines as well as in marketing or other materials.


  •  Licensed use of the Certified Craft Winery seal for those wineries which qualify.


  • Licensed use of the Craft Wine Association logo in marketing materials, such as on websites, on display in the winery, or in printed materials.


  •  Brand identification with other craft-made beverages that are particularly important to Gen X and Millennial markets.


  •  Inclusion on a searchable map of Certified Craft Wineries on for consumers seeking craft wines near where they live. (Available Summer 2018.)


  •  Open access to a community of fellow winemakers, small winery champions including small restaurants, retail stores, and other businesses, as well as industry advisers.


  • Education and outreach, conducted by the Craft Wine Association on behalf of its members, through search visibility, social media, and a robust PR list to reach a community of tens of thousands.


  • A place to tell your unique story on the Craft Wine Association’s website, social media, and blog.


  • Market visibility through the relationships developed by the Craft Wine Association, including with distribution and retail partners.

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