Oregon’s Résolu Cellars Joins the Certified Craft Wine Movement



Joining the Certified Craft Wine movement in March 2018, Résolu Cellars makes wine with a
commitment to community and one’s country. Résolu Cellars is a small-production winery in
Beaverton, Oregon, founded by father-and-son team, Scott and Cameron Nelson. Cameron
suggested opening the winery while enlisted in the U.S. Marines in 2009. “Cameron called me from the desert in Iraq,” says Scott, “and he said he wanted to come home and make wine with me.” Can you imagine a happier day for a dad?

This father-and-son journey led to building an urban winery on Scott’s home property. Its
annual case production is currently just over 400 cases. The future looks bright for a third
winemaking generation, too: Cameron is the proud father of a two-year-old son, Rory.
Located just outside of Portland, Oregon, Résolu Cellars focuses on pinot noir, using grapes
from Willamette Valley’s famed vineyards, as well as big French and Italian varietals sourced
from Pacific Northwest growers. Building relationships with small vineyard owners in Oregon
and Washington was a goal from the get-go.

“We work with five vineyard partners,” says Scott. “I really do call them partners, because we
really do partner together to create an industry.” Thanks to a shared commitment to local wine,
these vineyards provide Résolu Cellars with grapes from the same vineyard blocks and rows
year-in, year-out. Scott says this allows him to get to know each site’s terroir, so he can let the
inherent character of the grapes shine with each vintage.

In this way, Scott and Cameron truly embody the values of the Craft Wine Association, the
nonprofit that oversees the Certified Craft Wine designation.

“When we think of a craftsman,”says Scott, “we think of someone at the top of their trade. With craft winemaking, that’s what we’re trying to do. We’re trying to give it our full attention.”

Scott says he joined the Craft Wine Association to expand awareness not only for Résolu Cellars
but others in the local community dedicated to their craft. “It’s sort of like that line in the movie
Bottle Shock,” he says. “‘When one of us wins, we all win.'”

Along with its varietals, Résolu Cellars produces red blends, including its most popular wine, the
Bordeaux-style Triomphe, named in honor of Marine duty and personal triumph. It is made
every year with the five key Bordeaux grapes—cabernet sauvignon, merlot, cabernet franc,
malbec, and petit verdot. It’s produced through a fascinating process that spans several days
and includes double-blind tastings.

Scott and Cameron begin by producing each of the red wines separately that will go into the
Triomphe blend. After the wines age in oak barrels for 16 months, Scott, Cameron, and six
trusted team members sit down to blend their ideal Bordeaux-style wines. Each candidate for
the blend is then tasted blind, and three finalists are selected. Next, a panel of 14 is gathered to choose the final blend that will become the next Triomphe vintage. They taste the three finalist
wines double-blind over an evening with a multi-course meal. At the end, one wine is selected.
Résolu puts it back into barrels for another five months, and after 14 months of bottle-aging,
the resulting Triomphe is finally released on Veterans Day.
Résolu Cellars is sold in local wine shops and offers private tastings and two Cellar Clubs. It also
participates in several local food and wine events. See the calendar on the website.

Learn more at http://nwwineworks.com/

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