What is Certified Craft Wine?

In part, a Certified Craft Wine is a small-production wine made in total production runs of fewer than 5,000 cases, but it not solely about size.  Authenticity and traceability are key components as well. Wines made in production lots larger than 5,000 cases, even if a single bottling or labeling from that lot is fewer than 5,000 cases, do not meet the standards of Certified Craft Wine.

The Craft Wine Association came into being to celebrate the art of the winemaker. A custom-crush or Alternating Proprietorship facility may be leveraged in the production of Certified Craft Wines. For a wine to achieve the designation of Certified Craft Wine, the winemaker must lead production from the process of grape selection through fermentation. Small lot productions of wine of fewer than 5,000 cases that rely solely on pre-prescribed protocols of a third party do not qualify for the Certified Craft Wine designation.

For a wine to achieve the designation of Certified Craft Wine, it must also be produced using grapes from an identifiable vineyard or identifiable vineyards.

Lastly, the wine must be commercially available.

Wineries who exhibit the above standards and whose entire annual production is under 5,000 cases per year also qualify for the designation of Certified Craft Winery at no additional cost. This designation is also available at no additional cost to wineries whose annual production is over 5,000 cases, but every wine they produce, without exception, is under 5,000 cases.

Certification is free with your winery membership. Be part of the craft wine movement.

The Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery Seals

Stand out in the market by displaying the Certified Craft Wine and Certified Craft Winery seals.  The Certified Craft Wine seal is available free of charge for qualifying wines to all winery members.

Customize the colors to suit you.  Use it as an identifier that your wine is indeed Certified Craft Wine on bottles, labels or sides.  Put it on marketing materials, websites, wine totes, on menus, tasting sheets or other materials.  Get creative, the license will allow you to use it on just about anything you can think of.  The only restrictions are that it must be used to identify registered Certified Craft Wine and be used for the sole benefit of the licensee.

All you need to do is:

  1. Become a member of the Craft Wine Association
  2. Have a valid COLA from the TTB
  3. Meet the certification requirements of the Craft Wine Association (As mentioned above)
  4. Register your wine as a Certified Craft Wine with the Craft Wine Association (That’s Us).
  5. Download the Craft Wine Association logo and Certified Craft Wine seal.

It is that easy.  Be part of the Craft Wine movement. Join Today.