What We Believe

The Craft Wine Association is founded on some basic tenants which permeate everything we do.

They are, in fact, why we are here.

We believe in:

Respect for the culture and history of wine production worldwide.

Celebrating the uniqueness of every Certified Craft Wine.  That each wine reflects a sense of place, climate, soils, and culture, (often called “terroir”) and enhanced by the personal touch of the winemaker.

Promoting and celebrating small and independent wine producer communities committed to small production wines including the wineries, winemakers, and those who support them.

Telling the story of Craft Wine through personal stories and sharing the personal passion of those involved in making Certified Craft Wine.

Educating the public about Craft Wine, why it is important and how to find it.

Creating opportunities for Craft Wineries and winemakers to connect, learn from each other.

Creating educational and other types of opportunities for Craft Wineries and winemakers to understand and use technology in new ways.

Creating opportunities for media professionals, bloggers, and other interested parties to connect with the makers of Certified Craft Wine.

Creating opportunities to improve the economic health and visibility of the Craft Wine Industry through a network of allied professionals who share the same values.

If this resonates with you, we invite you to join us.
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